Beekeeping Training and Resources Hub

Gold Coast Regional Beekeepers

Welcome to the Resources and Information Hub of the Gold Coast Regional Beekeepers.  Here you will find selections of the best beekeeping online training programmes and resources available for recreational beekeepers.  

A collection of beekeeping online training resources on bee pests and diseases for the recreational beekeeper.

A  compilation of online Bee Friendly Flora and honey of South East Queensland with links to Bee Friendly Flora websites. 

The Waggle

Newsletter Links

The Waggle is the Newsletter of the Gol;d Coast Regional Beekeepers.  Links to all editions that are available are on this page.

A GCRB Project to help Veterans and Emergency Workers in our society who suffer from illnesses like PTSD to get back into the community through beekeeping.

This resources and information hub of online beekeeping training resources,and  bee friendly flora, has been prepared by the Gold Coast Regional Beekeepers to give recreational beekeepers easy access to a wide range of online beekeeping training resources and information via hyperlinks.

GCRB takes no responsibility or endorses the content, quality or relevance of the resources provided in the Hub.  It is to be seen as a tool for beekeepers to take from it what they desire, the decision is theirs alone.

Every item listed in the Hub will be reviewed, and any deemed to be not suitable by GCRB will be deleted. The resources contained in this site are updated regularly.  Feedback about the Hub or any additional resources that you think should be included in it, can be forwarded to Drew Maywald at

The Gold Coast Regional Beekeepers respectfully  acknowledge the owners of the land on which we meet, work, and keep bees, and we pay our respect to their elders past, present and emerging, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.